Proteus Rocket Parachute Flare White

Proteus Rocket Parachute Flare White

Proteus White

White rocket parachute flare for position marking, collision warning and illumination

Simple and easy handling
Flare is ejected at 350m for a long viewing range
Bright Red Flame for at least 30 seconds at 100000 candela
Ideal for leisure boats
Emergency Signal for day and night use

Technical Data:
Dimensions: Ø 40 mm x 265 mm
Weight: Max 345g
NEC: 115g
Burning Time: >30 seconds
Flare Colour: White
Ignition: Percussion cap with trigger system

User Guide

  1. Remove the bottom cap by pulling on the plastic ring.
  2. Do NOT remove the upped cap marked by the word “TOP”.
  3. Release the trigger lever
  4. Hold the flare firmly, with the arrow pointing upwards.
  5. Point the flare at the direction of the wind and push the trigger lever upwards with your thumb.

Do not use the flare after the expiry date.
WARNING: Any use of the Parachute Flare is prohibited by law except for sea rescues.