ManOverBoard CF4

ManOverBoard CF4


ManOverBoard CF4

Combined Light and Smoke Signal, for position marking during Day and Night

The ManOverBoard CF4 is a combined Light and Smoke Signal for position marking and wind direction indication for use during day and night, even on petrol or oil covered water.
The Signal provides 15 minutes of dense orange smoke combined with a unique central LED lighting system.
The self-activated light has a minimum output of 2 candela for at least 2 hours making it the first worldwide combined light and smoke signal to fulfil the requirements of both SOLAS/MED and USCG.
It is automatically deployed by releasing an attached lifebuoy or can be manually activated.
The remarkable drop height of up to 150 m qualifies the ManOverBoard CF4 far beyond the traditional uses. It can also be used on oil and gas rigs, offshore wind turbines and aircrafts.

  • MED approved 2h light and 15 minutes smoke
  • 150m drop height for use at sea and air
  • High quality, corrosion resistant components to withstand exceptional environmental exposure
  • Unique, central LED lighting system for optimum all around visibility
  • Without function control just FIT and FORGET!
  • New electrical ignition system for increased safety and reliability
  • No use of lithium batteries for ease of transport


Technical Data:

Light technology : LED
Light duration : > 2h
Light intensity : >2 cd
Smoke duration : >15 min
Smoke colour : Πορτοκαλί
Height : 412mm
Diameter : Max 263mm – Min 163mm
Weight : Max 4,2 kg
NEM : Max 1 kg
Dangerous goods information : UN 0507 SIGNALS, SMOKE, 1.4S

Premium bracket system

Easy installation and handling
MOB replacement without tools
9 years warranty on wall bracket

MED Module B

Mounting and Operating Instructions