Jupiter K2 Red Hand Flare

Jupiter K2 Red Hand Flare

Jupiter K2 Red Hand Flare

Red Hand Flare for position marking during rescue operations

SOLAS Approved
Simple and easy handling
Fired from the cold side for added safety
Bright Red Flame for at least 60 seconds at 15000 candela
Safe for use near oil or petrol covered water
Ideal for leisure boats
Emergency Signal for day and night use

Technical Data:
Dimensions: Ø 26 mm x 235 mm
Weight: Max 180g
NEC: 60g
Burning Time: >60 seconds
Flame Colour: Red
Ignition: Percussion cap pull system igniter from cold side

User Guide

  1. Hold the Handflare from the plastic handle. Unscrew the red cap. A red plastic cylinder appears, pull it downwards to ignite the Handflare (Picture 1)
  2. Warning: When pulling the red cylinder, the Handflare must be pointed away from your face. (Picture 2)
  3. Hold the Handflare away from your body and with the top side pointed at the direction of the wind. (Picture 3)

Warning: Any use of the Handflare is prohibited by law except for sea rescues.

MED Module B