Our company was established in 1910 by John Kazakopoulos in Athens, Greece.

Initially our main activity was the manufacture of fireworks but during its second generation, his sons, George and Kostas Kazakopoulos introduced marine distress signals in the product line.

The innovations of those products made the company known as a reliable and professional manufacturer throughout Greece and have since been reliably used for professional and leisure marine uses as well as the Greek Army, Navy and Αirforce.

Today, with three generations of experience, we are the leader in production and distribution of fireworks and marine distress signals in Greece.

Celebrating more than 100 years of life, we are capitalizing on our expertise in the fields of research, design and manufacturing of marine distress signals and fireworks, continuously improving our products and serving the demands of our clients even in special applications.

Our products are fully compliant with all current and international standards and are certified accordingly.

A pioneer in the design and manufacture of fireworks, Pyrotech has a reputable track record of participations in various international festivals with distinctions in Greece, Belgium, Monaco and more.

Our facilities are housed in a modern, state of the art factory, 80km north of Athens, fully compliant with all international industry standards.

ISO 9001-2015

MED Module D